SacOil receives US$10 million from Ecobank

Receipt of US$10 million associated with the expiry of OPL 233 performance bond

AA – SacOil Holdings Limited is pleased to announce the receipt of US$10 million from Ecobank, associated with the cash collateral that secured the performance bond on OPL 233. The cash collateral was originally paid as part of SacOil and Energy Equity Resources Norway Limited’s (“EERNL”) obligations to post a performance bond on OPL 233 in April 2012. This performance bond expired on 2 May 2015.

The full refund of US$10 million was received by SacOil on 5 June 2015. Half of the US$10 million receipt is treated as a part repayment of EERNL’s outstanding loan related to OPL 233.

Dr Thabo Kgogo, Chief Executive Officer of SacOil, commented, “This represents another positive step in line with our strategy to ensure that SacOil has a strong cash position to fund its future growth ambitions by increasing production and focusing on cash generative assets.”

This refund removes the restriction on the cash balance associated with the cash collateral.


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