Roskill’s Launch of African Mining Reports

AA – Roskill is releasing its new African Mining Reports (AMR). They are essential reading for anyone after a comprehensive overview of Africa.

In response to the increasing demand for in-depth, mining-related information on Africa, Roskill has launched the Africa Mining Report (AMR) series. These reports – one for each African country – provide unique intelligence on the African mining industry, taking into consideration every factor impacting the sector. Subscribers also receive critical occurrence bulletins and six-monthly updates to keep them informed of key developments.

Roskill’s AMRs are essential reading for those involved in African mining, processing and infrastructure and are critical tools for both investors interested in the continent and governments looking to attract foreign investment.

Roskill expects many African economies to have another difficult year in 2016 as they try to realise their growth potential. Low oil, metal and mineral prices, coupled with longstanding infrastructure and development issues, will create a challenging environment, particularly for economies driven by commodity exports. These factors, together with a slowdown in China and sluggish demand in Europe, could limit growth in the short term.

Political processes will also undoubtedly impact the African mining and investment space over the year ahead. Key general elections in mineral-rich countries including Ghana and Zambia have the potential to impact the sector considerably – as do expected changes to the mining code in countries like Malawi and the DRC. In other counties, such as Burkina Faso, new, recently elected governments are setting to work on developing the mining sector and the wider economy – with many eagerly awaiting new investment opportunities.

Africa’s long-term potential will remain in the spotlight throughout the year. It is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent after Asia, and the fastest growing part of the world – home to ten of the world’s fifteen fastest growing economies. By 2050, Africa will be home to 20% of the world’s population and its workforce continues to increase and upskill.



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