Uber launches in Mombasa, Kenya expanding presence to 399 cities

(via Standard DigitalAmerican taxi hailing firm Uber has launched its operations in Mombasa expanding its global presence to 399 cities.

The launch into Kenya’s second biggest city comes barely two weeks after the firm advertised for the position of a Mombasa-based operations coordinator.

The San-Francisco-based firm will be hoping to ride on its success in Nairobi where the launch of the service in January caused jitters from traditional taxi operators. Supporters of the company cite low fares charged and transparency in billing as an incentive to adoption compared to the traditional taxis long accused of overpricing.

In a statement after the launch in Mombasa, Uber Kenya Acting General Manager Nate Anderson said that the company is excited to enter a second city in Kenya.

Uber Kenya Operations Manager Kagure Wamuyu expressed hope that the firm’s services will bring impact to the coastal people. “By offering a friendly and reliable complement to existing transport options, we can help improve urban mobility in Mombasa, reduce traffic congestion and the environmental impact of vehicles at the same time,” Wamuyu said.

“Mombasa is a cultural and economic hub as well as a popular tourist destination that has a need for safe, reliable and efficient transportation and we are so excited to be launching here.”


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