Konga.com debuts pioneering payment solution to the Nigerian Market

Nigerian E-Commerce Giant Continues to Lead Innovation On The Continent

AA – Nigeria’s largest online mall, Konga.com has launched a pioneering payment solution through its KongaPay platform. A first in Africa and in the world, KongaPay is pioneering a new solution called Me-Commerce.

Me-Commerce is a feature on the KongaPay payment solution that will allow customers to facilitate the initiation and completion of transactions in a seamless manner. Via the KongaPay system solution, consumers will be able to take a photo of any item they want to sell and generate a payment QR code.

The QR code can be shared across social media sites platforms in an efficient and seamless way enabling payments on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp via the KongaPay App. This groundbreaking technology will provide a unique gateway for local entrepreneurs to reach both local and international markets through social media.

“We remain committed to innovation in the African e-commerce space and will continue to create solutions and technology that will provide pioneering best-in-class financial solutions and the launch of Me-commerce via KongaPay is a result of this commitment,” said Shola Adekoya, CEO Konga.com.

KongaPay has launched the following e-commerce solutions to Nigerian consumers;

  • Instant refunds – this is a first in the Nigerian and African market
  • Technology that allows each phone to be a POS
  • The ability to pay with your phone number and a 4-digit PIN
  • The ability to set up payment subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Money can be sent to any Nigerian phone number in your contacts, without the need for an account number
  • Fully customizable iOS, Android and Web SDKs to enable merchants integrate and customize as necessary
  • The ability to pay offline by showing your QR code at participating merchant stores

“We are proud to say that KongaPay is the first payment solution in the world to entrench these collective solutions into one product. This reaffirms our position as the innovation and development leaders in the African e-commerce industry and highlights our commitment to further deepen the ecosystem,” said Shola Adekoya, CEO Konga.com.

Beyond being an e-commerce platform for trade, KongaPay has positioned Konga as a solution provider and pacesetter in the African e-commerce industry. Konga has continued to provide industry leadership by demonstrating how e-commerce customized to the unique needs of the Nigerian market can contribute to employment generation, entrepreneurial empowerment, ecosystem development and the economic growth across the region.


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