Global Alliance announces eight new banking members committed to building #BankingOnValues

AA – Building upon the launch of the world’s first Massive Open Online Course on the topic of ‘Just’ Money, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the growth of the world’s first radio series dedicated to Building #BankingOnValues, with VoiceAmerica, the Global Alliance for Banking On Values (GABV) today celebrates another milestone with a 30% jump in institutional members. Proving yet again, there’s increased appetite for a better form of banking, one that’s socially, economically and environmentally conscious.

Newest members to join the Global Alliance include: Amalgamated Bank (USA), Banco Solidario (Ecuador), Bank of Palestine (Palestine), Caja Arequipa (Peru), Freie Gemeinschaftbank Genossenschaft (Switzerland), LAPO Microfinance Bank (Nigeria), The First Microfinance Bank-Afghanistan (Afghanistan), and VSECU (Vermont State Employees Credit Union) (USA).

Celebrating the arrival of the eight new members, Dr Marcos Eguiguren, Executive Director, GABV said; ‘I’m delighted to welcome these trailblazers to an independent network of banks and banking cooperative that put people before profit. Each member brings a unique perspective and expertise on how to use finance to create positive economic, social and environmental impact for the individuals, organisations and communities they serve. Our research has proven year on year that that there’s profit and positive impact when banks connect deeply with customers and innovate to serve real needs and the real economy. We ask, “Why isn’t all banking done this way?” I look forward to connecting our latest members from Afghanistan, Ecuador, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, Switzerland, and the USA, to an inspirational network of international banking experts and partners delivering on a mission that puts banking back in service of people, the economy and the environment.’


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