Project Focus | Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant, Mauritania

Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant, Nouakchott, Mauritania. Image: Masdar

AA – For more than 40 years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has provided considerable assistance to infrastructure and welfare projects in developing countries around the world.

For these nations, a lack of access to energy represents a serious barrier to sustained social and economic development. Under the guidance of the UAE government, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, Masdar, is leading the way in helping developing countries improve access to clean and sustainable sources of energy.

In 2013, Masdar delivered the Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant in Mauritania’s capital city, Nouakchott. At the time of its inauguration, the plant was the largest of its kind in Africa, with the potential to significantly contribute to Mauritania’s energy capacity.

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