Worldwide Instameet 13 | Kenya

Worldwide Instameet 13: Kenya

AA – The Kenyan instameet was held on the 23rd April 2016 and hosted by the @igkenya team: Asif @asayf, Brian @urbanskript and Samir @samdave69. The theme of this year’s meet was #LifeOnEarth, to raise awareness of the environment we live in and how best to conserve it.

The meet was held at Karura Forest, Nairobi, the biggest forest in a capital city in the world. It has a strong history of environmentalism, with people such as Wangari Mathai fighting for its conservation.

The meet was designed to tell the story of its conservation and to show the community and public the activities that are open to them like picnics, bike riding, jogging, hiking and much more.

Click here to see the featured images from the meet, featuring:

Peter N’dungu: @petersize10

William Miriga: @namuks

Trevor Maingi: @the_mentalyst

Samir Dave: @samdave69



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