IHO-Agro Appoints New Agent in Africa

Key country of Nigeria

AA IHO-Agro International Inc. (IHO-Agro) an innovative international fertilizer company announce today it has concluded an agent agreement for its product in Nigeria, Africa.

Mr. Ioan Hossu, President and CEO of IHO Agro international, commented, “We have appointed Ernest Consulting Ltd. to act as our Agent for the IHO-Bio and IHO-Agro business in Nigeria. This Agent will help in the registration of our product and could further help in the development of the product in this country.”

Additionally, Mr. Hossu commented, “Africa and the many countries within this continent are a key target market for IHO-Agro. We believe demand for our products in this region will be substantial based on the many benefits our product can offer. This continues our latest progress to expand sales and marketing of IHO-Agro products worldwide.”


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