GenePeeks and Alliance Global sign distribution agreement for MEA

Partnership Expands Availability of GenePeeks Next-Generation Preconception Screen

AAGenePeeks, Inc., a computational genomics company focused on transforming genetic disease risk analysis, and Alliance Global Group (AGBL) today announced a new partnership to bring GenePeeks’ Virtual Progeny Analytics (VPA) technology platform to select markets in the Middle East and Africa. AGBL is the largest biomedical gateway in these markets.

This collaboration marks another international market for the GenePeeks Preconception Screen, which identifies combined parental risk of passing on more than 1,000 serious genetic diseases. Under the terms of the agreement, AGBL will expand its genetic testing by offering GenePeeks Preconception Screen to patients, healthcare providers and laboratories in the Middle East and Africa. AGBL will also introduce additional applications of GenePeeks’ technology through partnerships with centers of excellence throughout the region.

“We are honored to partner with Alliance Global to address the significant unmet need in these markets for comprehensive preconception screening,” said Anne Morriss, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GenePeeks. “AGBL’s regional breadth and market knowledge, combined with the analytic power of our advanced computational platform, will give more prospective parents the information and support they need to protect their future families. AGBL is another strong partner for our growing presence outside of the U.S.”

Dr. Tamer Degheidy, Group CEO at Alliance Global stated, “GenePeeks Preconception Screen is an important addition to our growing portfolio of genetic tests, and we’re excited to offer this comprehensive, state-of-the art approach, which reduces the population biases that are associated with traditional carrier screening. It is the first step in our shared mission to transform gene-based clinical applications using GenePeeks’ core technology platform.”


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