NCIC Egypt awards 70TPD hydrogen peroxide turnkey project to Nuberg

  • Project is awarded by El Nasr Co for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC), Egypt.
  • Hydrogen peroxide production capacity of the plant will be 70 tons per day (50% H2O2) technical, chemical & food grade.
  • Nuberg’s scope for the project include technology, process know-how, basic and detailed engineering, supply including complete supervision of erection, construction, commissioning, project management and starting-up of the plant.
  • Sweden-based EB Nuberg is the technology licensor for the project.

AAEl Nasr Co for Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC) has entrusted India-based global EPC and LSTK company for speciality chemicals Nuberg, as a single-point solution company, from concept to commissioning, with a contract for technology, engineering and construction of hydrogen peroxide plant in Giza, Egypt. The Euro 15 million turnkey project will manufacture hydrogen peroxide of technical, chemical and food grade with production capacity of 70 tons per day (50% H2O2). Nuberg’s scope of services includes technology, process know-how, basic and detailed engineering, project management, supply and supervision of erection and construction work as well as supervision services during start-up and commissioning.

Hydrogen peroxide technology licensor for the project is EB Nuberg, a Swedish R&D firm specializing in developing technologies for specialty chemicals. EB Nuberg will offer proprietary, high-yield hydrogen peroxide technology and process design services for the establishment of the facility. The plant production process will be based on the latest, state-of-the-art auto-oxidation technology developed and improvised by EB Nuberg Sweden over the years, having most efficient process design for hydrogen peroxide in comparison to available technologies in market. The hydrogen peroxide manufacturing process involves cyclic hydrogenation and oxidation of the working solution followed by extraction of crude H2O2 from the working solution. Thus the plant will comprise three main sections viz hydrogenation, oxidation and extraction section.

This project comes as another milestone for Nuberg in Egypt, as it is the fourth consecutive specialty chemical turnkey project for the company. Nuberg has already got 3 turnkey projects in Egypt namely, caustic soda plant for Egyptian Petrochemical Company in Alexandria, calcium chloride plant for TCI Sanmar Chemical in Port Said and sulphuric acid plant for AGROCHEM in Alexandria.

The contract-signing ceremony took place at NCIC office in Giza, Egypt in presence of Mr. AK Tyagi, Chairman and Managing Director of Nuberg, Er. Mokhtar A Mostafa, Chairman and Managing Director of El Nasr Co for Intermediate Chemicals and dignitaries from both the companies.

Mr. AK Tyagi said, “We are glad that our capabilities and world-class project execution quality is being recognised internationally. Egypt is one of the most promising markets for us. We are thankful to El Nasr Co for Intermediate Chemicals for awarding this hydrogen peroxide project to Nuberg. This newly signed agreement will strengthen our strategic position in Egypt where we are already executing number of turnkey projects.”

Hydrogen peroxide is an environment-friendly chemical compound with the formula H2O2. In its pure form, it is a colourless liquid, slightly more viscous than water. It is mainly used as a bleaching agent in textile and paper and pulp industry. It is a key raw material in the production of bleaching agents. In addition, it is also used is other industries such as wastewater treatment, organic peroxides, medical and cosmetics. The Hydrogen peroxide produced in the plant will be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, water, food processing, paper and pulp industries and many more.


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