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ALS Kenya
ALS Hangar. Image: ALS Ltd.

AA – Kenyan airline ALS commenced operations in 1985, starting with just one Cessna C-150, which was initially leased out to a flying school. Over the years the company has seen steady growth, and is today considered an industry leader.

ALS offers a range of customised and comprehensive aviation solutions that benefit airlines, humanitarian operations, oil/resource exploration, and VIP clientele. The team comprises of professional, qualified, and experienced staff committed to providing an unparalleled aviation service.

Strategically located in Nairobi, the airline’s Kenyan base allows it to gain access to many markets within Africa. There is currently a great need for airlines like ALS to provide capacity for air travel both regionally and domestically.

“One big dream, a lot of faith, unmatched determination and one pilot,” says company CEO Shakeel Khan. “That is all we needed to make it work. We have had to overcome a lot of challenges and hurdles to get to where we are today.”

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