AlertDriving partners with Fleetkor, South Africa’s premier driver risk management co.

AAAlertDriving announced its partnership with Fleetkor, a leading driver risk and fleet management company based in South Africa. As a certified ADvantage Channel Partner, Fleetkor will now have access to FleetDefenseSM, the world’s most extensive driver risk management solution.

Fleetkor is committed to providing its clients with internationally recognized driver training programs. Services offered by Fleetkor help clients save time, money and lives while ensuring that they have access to programs that are tailored to their individual needs. Fleetkor takes a targeted approach to driver training, offering industry specific programs, multiple vehicle configurations and localized material. Like AlertDriving, Fleetkor’s approach is geared towards ensuring the highest retention levels possible.

AlertDriving’s state-of-the-art training program, FleetDefenseSM, is a highly effective tool that monitors driver risk, tests drivers in order to reinforce safe driving behaviors, and provides consistent messaging around the world. Clients who use FleetDefenseSM consistently can see higher retention levels matched with reductions in collision rates.

“Our program is a natural fit for Fleetkor’s high-quality offerings,” explains Bill Sayers, Vice President of Sales at AlertDriving. “Fleetkor can work with fleets to map core areas of an employee’s driving competencies so assigned training only targets areas showing behavioral risk.”


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