Puma selects WEX IFCS with EasyFuelPlus solution to drive African growth

AAWEX Inc. (NYSE: WEX) a leading global provider of corporate payment solutions, and OTI PetroSmart, a wholly owned subsidiary of OTI (NASDAQ:OTIV), are pleased to announce that Puma Energy has selected WEX’s IFCS payment processing system to support its on-road B2B fueling offer. IFCS is integrated with OTI PetroSmart’s automated vehicle identification (AVI) solution, EasyFuelPlus, which uses NFC technologies to identify, authorize and complete fueling transactions for eligible vehicles.

The WEX payment processing service is a sophisticated, highly configurable fuel and fleet payment solution, designed to meet the needs of fleets and oil companies across the globe. Specifically designed for managing and billing sales of petroleum products to commercial fleet customers, the system includes device management, support for pre- and postpaid host authorization, transaction processing, and accounting and reporting functions.

OTI PetroSmart is positioned as the WEX VAR in Africa and has contracted with Puma Energy to implement WEX in selected key markets, with an initial focus on Southern Africa, where the solution is being commissioned to coincide with the deployment of the EasyFuelPlus technology. OTI PetroSmart provides extensive system integration services to the project, serving as the data transfer layer facilitating the exchange of information between IFCS and Puma’s ERP.

“Using EasyFuelPlus to minimize fuel fraud and effectively manage fuel consumption, combined with IFCS, represents the next generation of B2B fueling in our markets,” said Charlotte Hambly-Nuss, managing director of OTI PetroSmart.

“WEX is pleased to join with OTI in offering fuel payment processing solutions in Africa, enabling Puma Energy to differentiate their offerings to commercial fleets across their markets,” said Fred Madeira, WEX’s vice president of global fuel programs.

“Over the last couple of years, Puma Energy has embarked on a strategy to standardize its retail site architecture to facilitate innovation. We are excited about leveraging this site architecture to introduce a premium B2B offer, with a view to helping our customers succeed and thereby growing our market share in Africa,” said Alessio Torelli, global head of retail for Puma Energy.


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