Fiorano drives digital transformation at Rwanda’s largest bank, Bank of Kigali

Fiorano APIs/integration spur growth and productivity

AAFiorano Software today announced that Bank of Kigali, Rwanda’s largest commercial bank, has chosen the Fiorano platform for its digital transformation. The Project includes Integration with the Bank’s Temenos T24 Core Banking Solution with support for Online and Offline Banking features. Fiorano ESB and Fiorano API Management form the backbone of all integrations in the Bank’s environment, enabling payment channels such as Mobile Banking and Internet Banking with a host of lending services.

The Bank selected Fiorano to replace its point-to-point integration with a scalable microservice-centric architecture built over an ESB. Fiorano ESB integrates its Temenos Core Banking System with its ATM and Card Management Systems and enables standardisation of its digital payment options and mobile payments. Fiorano’s common payment gateway now facilitates these payments.

The importance of technology to tap the market of a growing millennial generation that relies heavily on mobile transactions is vital. The Bank provides all mobile operators an Application Programming Interface (API) to lend small loans to customers. The Bank’s Paretix lending system is service-enabled with Fiorano ESB, while Fiorano API Management is used to expose these services, which include account creation and loan lending requests, securely to end-users. Mobile service providers are now able to log-in to the Bank’s API Management development portal for self-registration and to locate service security keys as required. Fiorano’s secure API gateways have allowed the bank to automate a number of services, thereby enhancing the customer banking experience by facilitating uninterrupted and secure access to account information, money transfers and other services.


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